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Sunday, October 23, 2005
  prelude part three - the final prelude (one night before)

"Baby, it's not what you think." Jackass said knowing full well it was exactly what she thought.

One hour earlier Devi exited her bedroom door in full gear. Twenty-three, one year out of college and still floating through life in an alcoholic haze. Which is not to say she had a problem, she didn't; insofar as the drink was not controlling her life. Unlike most others with this claim, she actually could stop drinking at any time. But life was fun, and so far, cheap enough.

Her room, leased on a monthly basis (though no actual lease officially signed) was adaqute, if not a bit small, though the quality of the housemates more than made up for it. And the price was a steal. Only two hundred and fifty dollars a month, the check made out to Melody. Melody lived in the largest room - the master bedroom - but neither Devi, nor her fellow housemate begrudged Melody that, after all, it was Melody's house.

The rave was already underway. Her small shiny silver purse filled with glowsticks, multicolored sparkle, and a few tabs of extasy that Jackass gave her for that night specifically. The plan was to pick up Jackass (she felt a little embaressed that she now reffered to her boyfreind using the same moniker given to him by her housemates) at his place then drive over to meet her housemates at the rave in Alston. Parking was going to be a bitch, but she figured it'd be worth it to get have a good time with the people she enjoyed.


Key in hand, Devi opened the door to Jackass's apartment only to find Jackass on the couch snorting a line of coke off what could only be the augmented naked breast of the bimbo slut sitting next to him.

"Baby, it's not what you think." Jackass said knowing full well it was exactly what she thought.

All smiles Devi backed out, closed the door behind her, walked back down to the car ignoring Jackass as he tried to follow and explain, and drove to the Rave alone.
I'm trying to be patient but I must have more. Sex, sex changes, drugs, affairs, this story has all my favorite topics. Please tell me you haven't posted on your other blog because your busy writing the next installment.

PS: What did you find out about those mortgage rates :)
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